Joann Chime

Infant/Toddler Lead Guide

Joann received her Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Southern in Psychology. She received her AMS Montessori certification at the Montessori Teacher Education Institute in Atlanta, GA. Joann’s commitment to the Montessori approach to teaching was ignited by her experience in 2014 while working in the classroom as an assistant teacher. Joann recognized the need for more trained Montessori teachers and the impact this method of teaching has on children firsthand.

Joann loves seeing how the children come into the classroom dependent and leave the classroom being very independent in their environment. She knew from that moment on that she wanted to be a Montessorian. Joann is prepared to apply the skills and knowledge that she knows, add more knowledge and skills to enhance her classroom environment.

Joann’s hobbies are dancing, reading, cooking, traveling, spending quality time with family and friends. Her future goal is to travel more, her travel destinations have already included the east coast and home for Joann is Nigeria and Amsterdam.