“Till now, almost all educators have thought of movement and the muscular system as aids to respiration, or to circulation, or as a means for building up physical strength. But in our new conception the view is taken that movement has great importance in mental development itself, provided that the action which occurs is connected with the mental activity going on.” (Montessori, p. 142)

Dr. Montessori believed that we should educate not only the mind, but also the body and spirit as well. According to Dr. Montessori’s philosophy, the mind and body are connected and integral to the development of the whole child. The body helps a child discover and make sense of the world around him through hands-on exploration, while the mind gains finer control of the body through continued exploration over time.

Although there is no cut and dried explanation from Dr. Montessori about what a child should be eating in a Montessori school, there are many facets of nutrition that align with Dr. Montessori’s principles. Dr. Montessori believed in developing the child not just for higher education but for life. She also emphasized the importance of a prepared and healthy environment, which takes into consideration everything the child comes into contact with.

At Endeavor Montessori, we help our students form healthy habits early in life. Our goal is to set the foundation that will enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle now and into adulthood. Our nutritious, chef-prepared meals* and vigorous physical education program ensure that our children eat well and stay active daily. We also ensure that our children are not exposed to any foods that they may be allergic to, which is why we provide a nut-free environment.

*Chef-prepared meals are only available at certain locations.