At Endeavor Montessori, health and wellness are a vital part of our curriculum. We offer a safe and nurturing environment where students learn mental and physical self-care, which is a vital part of the foundation for their academic success and social development.


Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the mind and body are connected and integral to the development of the whole child. Her philosophy has been backed up by recent research, such as the 2014 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, Health and Academic Achievement, which highlighted the strong connection between wellness and academic achievement. At Endeavor Montessori, we put a special emphasis on developing a child’s mental and physical wellbeing through a specialized curriculum with proven results.

Physical Development

Strong physical development in the early stages of a child’s life helps them develop a strong body and a physically active lifestyle. At Endeavor Montessori, we believe a true education requires physical conditioning and that’s why exercise and movement are built into our curriculum. We begin and end each day with a short yoga session to enhance children’s strength, flexibility, body awareness, and more. In addition, children are given ample time outdoors to engage in structured exercise activities, as well as more freeform play, to develop their gross motor skills. Children are not meant to be confined to desks for hours at a time and we take that fact to heart by making physical fitness a priority.

“Till now, almost all educators have thought of movement and the muscular system as aids to respiration, or to circulation, or as a means for building up physical strength. But in our new conception the view is taken that movement has great importance in mental development itself, provided that the action which occurs is connected with the mental activity going on.” (Montessori, p. 142)