Designed to inspire students to become independent learners who appreciate and understand their world, our Lower Elementary Program is comprised of children ages six to nine (grades 1-3). Integrated studies provide our students with unique and age-appropriate materials that help them to become accountable for their use of time and accuracy in their work. Lower Elementary students learn how to evaluate their strengths and pinpoint opportunities for growth.

Students in our Lower Elementary Program at Endeavor Montessori benefit from individualized work plans, which allow them to learn how to use time effectively and to make appropriate choices. Students continue to work with concrete materials while building on this foundation to develop a more abstract understanding of various concepts in a broad range of studies including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Geography, Spanish, Computers, Music. Art, Physical Education, Library and Research.

Endeavor Montessori is working toward accreditation from the American Montessori Society (AMS). Students in our Lower Elementary Program are led by an AMS certified elementary teacher. Children also learn different methods of research in order to complete their own reports and presentations on a variety of topics. Planned field trips and visitors to our classroom help to expand upon, complement, and support related areas of study.

The Lower Elementary Environment

We pride ourselves on creating an intimate and supportive environment, where students know they are respected and valued as individuals. When children feel respected, it encourages self-expression, exploration and progressive thinking. Our multi-age grouping emphasizes cooperation over competition, allowing children to advance to higher levels without the restraint of relating grade level to academics. Individual and small group lessons allow our educators to guide each student and maximize each child’s true potential.

The Lower Elementary Curriculum

Each year as students progress, our integrated curriculum of broad and fascinating knowledge in science, history and geography is revisited in greater, more challenging depth. Our intellectually stimulating program also allows students to gain valuable life skills such as self-direction, organization, personal responsibility and interpersonal cooperation. Our high academic standards require students to truly master a subject before moving on. In addition, computers and technology support all areas of the curriculum.

Beyond the Lower Elementary Classroom

At Endeavor Montessori, we value the importance of learning through dynamic real-world experiences. We emphasize a sense of community by encouraging students to participate in community service and helping others. Children will also step outside of the classroom to learn to work with the gardens, which complements our science curriculum. Annual class trips enhance our curriculum as well.

To find out more about what makes our Lower Elementary Program so unique, please call to schedule your private tour!