Rakhee Mundye

Flamingo Primary Lead

Ms. Rakhee Mundye will be the Flamingo teacher this year. This is my 15th year in Montessori Education. She grew up in India and relocated to the United States of America 17 years ago.

Rakhee graduated from the University of Mumbai with her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, later in 2007, she became a certified Montessori Directress from the American Montessori Society. Being highly inspired by Montessori philosophy and method, in 2015 she decided to pursue further education in International Baccalaureate– Primary Years Program.

IB program and Montessori education complement each other beautifully, as both the educational methods believe in nurturing the “WHOLE CHILD”, cultivating the love of learning, creating opportunities for growth and independence and bringing about positive change in surroundings. “Teaching from the heart” is her philosophy and students are at the core of this thought and “ESMD” has given her the freedom and strength to use her knowledge and skills to fulfill each child’s individual needs and interests. In our school, every classroom is designed to enhance the senses of our students. We work with them in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Cultural, STEAM, Mindfulness, and Global Language.